Friday, 5 August 2016

270: Airbrush medium makes a lovely thin glaze

Andrew mentioned to me that airbrush medium (AKA thinner) is handy stuff. I was looking for a lazy way to shade an orangey yellow on my guardians sashes. I mixed some airbrush medium with some orange, and used it like a wash over some yellow.
This was quick and I think it worked well.

The glaze is thin in the sense that it has low viscosity and in the sense that it is see through. Note the difference between a glaze and a wash. This is on the border.

For my first go, I tried adding some retardant too: don't! For the first time, I managed to make some paint that never dries. The airbrush medium is quite slow drying anyway.

I wonder if airbrush medium plus grey might be a solution for the tricky problem of shading white.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

269: Eldar flyer commission

Hey everyone, actual painting progress has occurred!

Now that you are all over the shock, to the pictures.  These are two of the Eldar flyers, Wraithfighters I think they are called, that I've been painting for Zzzzzzzz who blogs over at Devos IV

They will join his growing Void Dragons force.

I can't claim any credit for the paint-scheme, that comes from Zzzzzzz, although every one of those hexagons is free-hand painted with two stages of highlighting.  The colour is a beautiful metallic red that is a mix of Mephiston Red and Hashut Copper as devised by Pirate Viking Painting, and the technique I used to create the hexagons is explained brilliantly in this blogpost.


Otherwise its just standard metallics, greys, and although they aren't visible in these pictures, the weapons and wraithbone was all done in a pretty standard bone colour pushed all they way close to white.  The weapons were magnetised at Zzzzzz's request, you can see them attached in his blogpost.


Friday, 24 June 2016

For sale

I'm having another clear out of stuff that's been sitting in cupboards or bookshelves, so let me know if you're interested in any of it either in the comments section or email me and make an offer.

Tyranid psychic cards

10 Hormagaunts

10 Hormagaunts

10 Termagants

Bag of out of production metal eldar - war walker, striking scoprions, banshees, and a few others

Job lot of space marines - there's some resin and metals in there, and quite a bit of Astral Claws stuff.

Job lot of Space Wolves including terminators, long fangs, and some custom thunderwolf riders

11 Necromunda Goliaths from the original boxset.

10 Space Wolves Grey Hunters/Blood Claws/Wolf Guard - I've got two of these sprues

KR Multicase with a mixture of pre-cut troop foam and pick-and-pluck foam

Couple of dice cubes - just pay for the postage

Some old Codex and some Forgeworld Books.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

268: Filtering airbrush paint

If you find that a certain paint just keeps making your airbrush spit, it may have curdled. If there is air in the bottle can start to cure in there. Perhaps there is air in from the factory. I have had this when I half used a bottle and then left it a few years. Lumps come through and block the brush.

First, give the lid a thorough clean with some pipe cleaners.

Prepare your bottle like it's going to rob a bank with some tights (I believe pantyhose is the US term).

Screw the lid over the top.

Trim the hosiery.

The newly installed filter will prevent lumps escaping the bottle.

I intend to do this pre-emptively on all bottles I have opened. Just as soon as the Mrs gets some more ladders. (I don't look fabulous in hosiery).


I thought I would write this one up, as I don't like to watch videos where I could have got the info by skim reading much faster.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

267: The new GW, a refreshing change

Its been pretty hard not to notice the change in GW recently. We've seen:
  • the release of "Start and Army" bundles with actual savings 
  • the re-introduction of Facebook groups for GW, Forgeworld, and Black Library 
  • the tantalising possibility of the re-release of perenial fan favourites like Blood Bowl and Battlefleet Gothic 
  • now we've had the call for questions and release of an FAQ that actually seems to answer real questions with actually thought out responses that while perhaps not perfect, definitely look like they are trying 
  • and AoS is going to get a points system, and not just willy-nilly, but one that builds on the work done by the tournament community and has had input from mega tournament organisers and pillars of the AoS community HeelanHammer, Bad Dice, and FaceHammer (check their podcasts if you don't already, they're really good). 

You can hardly argue that GW isn't trying to become a new company and one that so many of us have been clamouring for for many, many years. What strikes me is that a lot of this seems to coincide with the stepping down of Tom Kirby as Chairman of GW. As of 1st January 2015, Tom Kirby was no longer in charge of the direction of GW and if what I suppose is true, GW made this change just in time. While Kirby was perhaps a necessary evil when he first took the helm, his drive for profits over community involvement and seeming impression that GW was infallible was producing a truly poisonous relationship between company and customer.

I've been so pleased to see the changes in GW, and look forward to whats coming in the future if they continue this course.


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